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The 5oz Athlete- 10 meals

$140.00 $125.00 / week


The “5oz Athlete” is a brand new meal choice option for active people who like a balance of all macros.  If you don’t want to commit to a salad every single day (like the Competitor) or can handle the large portion size of our Bodybuilder- then this is a perfect balance.

The “5oz Athlete” comes with 3 salads per week (2 on the first delivery and 1 on the second).  The lunches will follow the lifestyle menu with added carbs when necessary and the dinners will follow the competitor/bodybuilder menu.

Monday Dinner: Chicken, rice, veg

Tuesday Dinner: Beef Meatloaf, sweet potato, veg

Wednesday Dinner: Ground Turkey, sweet potato, veg

Thursday Dinner: Salmon, br rice, veg

Friday Dinner: Steak, roasted potato, veg


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