Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation


    Cancellation for the following week MUST be made no later than 6pm on Friday for the following week. Do not text or Facebook message. You must complete the form here.

  • Cooler Bag

    Cooler Bag

    Food is always delivered in cooler bags- on subsequent deliveries the clients must put the first used cooler bag out in a visible place for the driver to replace with the new delivery. When a client wants to cancel for the following week, you can request a paper bag delivery no later than Tuesday (or Thursday) by 12 noon. If you do not request a paper bag and cancel after the last delivery for the week has been made, you will be charged a 25.00 fee for any un-returned bags. You can make alternative arrangements to return bags by emailing us.

    Paper bag deliveries are transported in cooler bags with ice and are only taken out of the cooled bag to leave on your doorstep.

    Hold customers need not worry about returning the bag

  • Gym Program

    Gym Program

    Attention local Gym Owners, CF boxes, yoga studios and boot camps- we have an incentive program for you- Place a Fit Foods fridge in your facility for a small rental fee (or you can supply your own) and any orders placed by your members will be delivered there and you receive 10% of every initial order- as your orders grow, so does your percentage. We also can wholesale you’re a la carte meals and snacks which are super convenient, healthy options for your members to improve their fitness.

  • Hold Policy

    Hold Policy

    You can place your reoccurring order on hold by filling out the hold form.

  • Referral Program

    Referral Program

    We love referrals! Refer us one full time home delivery customer, and you will receive 20% off your next weeks’order (you will maintain that 20% of each subsequent order for the life that they maintain a full account). Refer us 2 customers, and you will receive 30% of your orders for the life of those customers. Refer us 3 new customers, and receive 50%off your orders. Some restrictions apply: NEW customers are brand new clients and you must have a current account NOT on hold and in good standing. No back dating of referrals.

  • Terms and Conditions - Meal Prep Delivery

  • We deliver fresh, never frozen, healthy recipes straight to your door. Check out our meal prep plans just for you!