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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase less than 10 meals?
    • If you purchase ONLY LUNCH or ONLY DINNER (5 meals a week), they will be delivered all at once on Tuesday night, as explained in the meal description.
  • Can I order multiple meal plans in one transaction?

    Yes, you can place multiple orders under the same account. They will have the same name on both orders, however.

    If you want your orders to have 2 separate names, create two separate accounts under the two names.


  • What if i don't like certain foods?
    • If you have specific taste preferences or allergies, we can accommodate them. If they are basic, please list them under the “NOTES” section of your order. However, if they are extreme, please call ahead and speak to our head chef prior to ordering. We reserve the right to discontinue service at any time for extreme situations.


    • Please note that we use many nuts in the kitchen, including peanut butter. IF you have any nut allergy, we OMIT all nuts from your meals.


    • We do not create full custom meal plans.


  • How is the delivery broken up?
    • We divide your order into 2 deliveries- the first delivery you will receive the first 5 meals (Monday lunch & dinner, Tuesday lunch & dinner and Wednesday lunch). On the 2nd delivery you get the remainder of the weeks’ meals. If you receive snacks or oatmeals as part of your plan (Detox & Zones)- the 5 items are delivered on the first delivery.


    • If you order additional a la cart snack items they are typically delivered all on the first delivery- unless being restocked and in which case, will be delivered on the 2nd shipment.
  • What is the minimum order for delivery?

    We deliver no less than 60.00.  (Updated Oct.5 2023).  Anything UNDER 60.00 will be available for pick up at our kitchen in San Bernadino.

  • Do I need to be home at the time of delivery?
    • You do not need to be home at the time of delivery.  During transport, food is kept on ice packs, but once delivered, they are removed.
    • We recommend you leave a cooler with ice outside your door, and instruct your driver to place inside.
    • Once the food is delivered, it is YOUR responsibility to refrigerate it. Drivers ring ALL doorbells and you will receive a text message to the number left on your first order.
  • How do I change plans?

    It is simple to change plans. You cancel your current plan, and place a new order before MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY.  After this deadline, orders can not be changed manually by Fit Foods.

    It is your responsibility to change your own plan. Drivers are not responsible for relaying this type of information. Text messages, Instagram or Facebook messages are also not appropriate forms of communication for administrative changes. Do not reply to your renewal subscription emails, they go to an unmonitored account. The only recognized form of communication for billing or account questions is an EMAIL.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started with Fit Foods is simple.

    1. Ensure Fit Foods delivers to your city.
    2. Pick a category and subsequent plan or call us to discuss your specific nutritional needs. All our programs are naturally low in sodium, cholesterol and heart healthy so the biggest decision revolves around portion size and specific macronutrient choices.
    3. Place your order no later than FRIDAY at NOON for the following week. You can CLICK HERE to choose a meal plan.
  • How do I choose a program?

    After selecting a general category of ATHLETE, LIFESTYLE or WEIGHT LOSS- which should help you narrow down your choices, then you can select a program.

    We offer several programs, which you can choose from:

    1. Lifestyle – Low Carb, High Protein and never boring! This is our most popular menu and great for athletes and healthy appetites (all 6oz protein servings)
    2. Bodybuilder – High carb, High protein (8oz protein servings)- this is your basic “meat and potatoes” of the diet world- no salt, just protein, carbs and veggies- Great for picky eaters, hard gainers and extremely active people.
    3. Athlete –Think of this plan as a "mini" Bodybuilder plan. (all 5oz protein servings)
    4. Zone – We offer 3, 4, 5 6 Block programs based on the ZONE diet by Dr. Larry Spears. The Zone diet teaches portion control and had portioned macros of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (the carbohydrates are always either brown rice or sweet potatoes) Read more about this diet plan: Zone Diet
    5. Paleo – The Paleo Diet is based high protein and no starchy carbsm beans legumes, dairy or grains. We can customize any portion size to Paleo style eating (except ZONE)
    6. Junior Lifestyle – Half size Lifestyle portions- it follows the same menu as the Lifestyle- 3 oz protein portions.
    7. 5 Day DROP – formerly know as our "Detox"- it is a 3 meal program- all salads at lunch with LIFESTYLE non red meat entrees for dinner. Plan includes 5 breakfast oats.  You can purchase a supplement pack to enhance your results- follow the link in the description.
    8. Vegetarian – a 10 meal plan (includes some dairy, starchy carbs and fresh vegetables)- see “what if I don’t eat meat” for further details.
    9. Vegan – a 10 meal plan (includes beans, starchy carbs and fresh vegetables)- see “what if I don’t eat meat” for further details.
    10. The Competitor – The Competitor comes in 4oz and 6oz servings of protein. Lunches are always salads and dinners follow the Bodybuilder diet with a variety of chicken breast, steak, salmon, turkey and ground beef.

    Please Read our New Policies as of Oct.5/23

    • REUSEABLE BAGS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE.    If you already have one secured with a deposit, you will continue to receive them.  But we are no longer supplying fresh bags due to rising inflation and sanitary reasons.  All orders will be delivered in paper.  We recommend customers with concerns leave a cooler outside your door for your Sunday and Tuesday deliveries.


    • Order Deadline for FIRST TIME ORDERS is FRIDAY at 6pm.


    • Your renewal date is based on your original order date.  However, ALL EXISTING ORDERS are adjusted to renew on FRIDAY before NOON (this may take up to a week), so please watch your individual renewal until it is manually corrected.  THE DEADLINE FOR ANY CHANGES is THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT once it is adjusted.  After such time, orders can not be changed and will go out as scheduled.  You can always log into your account and see your exact renewal date down to the hour at any time.


    • If you order does renew, it can not be changed after the fact.  It is imperative that customers take ownership of their own accounts and monitor the own unique renewal prior to them being put on the Thursday deadline.


    • Orders placed after the NOON deadline and before Monday at midnight (11:59pm) will be reset to bill on Friday before noon.    Our recommendation is to avoid this small order window.


    • Late orders requiring a refund for missing the first delivery will be charged a 3% fee to accommodate for the credit card charges incurred by Fit Foods.  These accounts are also reset to rebill on Fridays before noon.


    • Minimum for delivery is 60.00.


    • Drivers ring ALL Doorbells at the time of delivery.


    • Communications between customers and Fit Foods MUST go through the "CONTACT US" button on the website.  Messages delivered via texts to driver phones, work phones, facebook messages, Instagram DMs are not guaranteed an answer.  Do not respond to a renewal email, obviously. We receive all messages via the website and we may take up to 24 hours to respond. 909-913-2022 is available during business hours only- business hours are MON, TUES, FRI and SAT from 8am-2pm. ALWAYS EMAIL A DIRECT MESSAGE VIA THE WEBSITE.


    • Customers are 100% responsible for their own accounts.  Fit Foods no longer has the capacity to HOLD, CANCEL individual customer accounts.  Requests for such do not constitute in that action being handled.


    • Due to rising costs of gas, polypropylene (our packaging) and of course product costs, we have had no choice but to begin a delivery fee.  They vary from town to town based solely on your distance from our commercial kitchen.  Pick Up will continue to have no charge, but pick up has to be arranged ahead of time and are in windows on Saturday, Monday or Tuesday.




    Thank you for your understanding as we continue to strive to provide excellent service in this ever changing economy.

  • I ordered after the Friday deadline. What happens now?

    If you have ordered AFTER the NOON deadline and did not receive a delivery on Sunday, you will receive 5 meals on Tuesday.  Your account will be credited (a half week, less a 3% fee) and reset to bill on FRIDAY before NOON.

  • What if I want to just order food for one week?

    You may order as little as one week, but it is YOUR responsibility to change or cancel your own plan. Do not text the drivers to cancel; they are not responsible for relaying messages. You can email the website for assistance or follow these simple steps.

    1. Visit your account's subscriptions.
    2. View the subscription you wish to cancel.
    3. Click SUSPEND to apply action.
  • What is the difference between my billing day and FRIDAY's order deadline?

    Once you place your original order, your billing date will be RESET to renew Friday am between 6-12 NOON.  The DEADLINE for changes to existing orders is MIDNIGHT THURSDAY.   Your renewal time can be seen on your account under "subscriptions".

    Friday's Deadline (NOON) is the final day to add NEW ORDERS or become a NEW CUSTOMER.


  • When is the new Weekly Menu released?

    New menu is released by Wednesday 2pm.

  • I don't eat meat, are there options for me?

    We offer both vegetarian and vegan plans. They are custom made plans and although we don’t have a set vegetarian menu, everything is made fresh on the delivery days and varies depending on the seasonal ingredients in the kitchen.

    We always include a 3oz portion of beans, lentils or quinoa for protein.  We always include a starchy carb in the form of potato or rice.  We use a variety of fresh vegetables and always include a sauce.  The vegetarian meals can contain dairy or eggs.  Both plant based meal plans are packaged in a 24 oz container.

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