The First 5

$72.50 / week


$72.50 per week for the First 5 Meals-

The “First 5,” is the first 5 meals offered on the menu. This is the Lifestyle 6oz portion size. You will receive Monday Lunch and Dinner, Tuesday Lunch and Dinner and Wednesday Lunch. It is not a problem to order the “First 5” as Paleo, simply let us know in the comment section that you would like the PALEO version.

You can opt out for Paleo options, but leaving a comment in the Notes section of your order.

Fit Food lifestyle allows fresh fruit with salads, some various potato, occasionally brown rice (approximately once a week) and strives to be flavorful with variety.

*This is a recurring weekly service.  Cancellation is required to stop delivery and auto-billing


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  • The First 5 - Meal Prep Delivery

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