✔️ You can do this challenge individually or with a group of friends! Follow along and eat with Tracey as she does her annual Summer Slim-down!
✔️ Challenge is 4 weeks with with corresponding meal plan each week. Every week is a new meal plan to maximize results.
✔️ Get access to tips from a professional International Federation of Bodybuiliding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro! Weekly check-ins, tips, motivation, and support from Tracey. She may have hung up her IFBB Pro BIkini but she knows what works for healthy weight-loss.
🏆 Winner is participant who has the biggest transformation (weight-loss or appearance)
✔️ Winner will receive 2 FREE weeks of Fit Foods!
A body transformation diet that will change your outlook on food and eating for weight-loss.
📲 Check-in before starting Challenge will be required via pictures and weight submitted to [email protected]
✔️ Groups of 4 people receive 10% off their orders.
✔️ Groups of 5 people or more receive 15% off their orders.

✅ Week 1: Vegan Plan for the first 3 days (Monday Lunch-Wednesday Lunch) and Vegetarian (Wednesday Dinner-Friday Dinner) with addition of eggs as protein.
✅ Week 2: Pescatarian Plan, meals include salmon and white fish. You can opt out of fish, and have chicken and turkey as your protein.
✅ Week 3: Competitor Meal Plan, choose from 4 oz. or 6 oz. portions. Meals include protein (salmon, white fish, chicken, turkey) and veggie combo, no grains, dairy, red meat.
✅ Week 4: Detox Meal Plan, lunches are salads with grilled chicken while dinners will reintroduce carbs (brown rice, potato, cous cous) with chicken and turkey.
🌟 To enter TMAC’s Challenge you must order the corresponding meal plan and submit your photos and starting weight to [email protected] by Friday January 15 at 9 p.m.

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